One tool for your events: From inception through completion.  

Meetingbox provides the perfect tool for each phase to manage events better and more efficiently.

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Develop an effective strategic plan for your event based on the scope and expected outcomes.

Manage event requests

Create online request forms to instantly create new events in your Meetingbox account, ready to be worked on.

Prepare the event proposal

Once the event is deemed feasible, Meetingbox allows you to create web-based proposals.


Develop a project plan and define the team and tasks
to accomplish your event.

Collaborate in real-time

Work on the same event at the same time with as many teammates as you want. Share all documents with your team.

Create the event roadmap

Plan, track, and do all your work in one place. Keep everyone aligned with a shared project roadmap.


Once the plan is in place, Meetingbox helps you to bring the event to life.

Setup the action plan

Acquire and organize resources into an action plan for the event using the Meetingbox database.

Monitor and control scope

Supervise all activities and monitor any change in the scope of work, schedule, costs and risks.

Live Event

Use state-of-the-art event technology to help you deliver an amazing event experience.

Create a seamless experience

Help your attendees navigate and network and increase sponsorship.

Manage onsite operations

Monitor the performance of the action plan from the arrival of the guests to the big finale.

React to changes

Inspect service delivery and conduct and communicate any necessary change in real-time.
Meetingbox TV

Bring home the complete event experience: The all-in-one app designed to make your virtual events more immersive and personal – on all devices.

Virtual Venue

You can offer 3D venues, video streaming, webinars, several tracks & sessions, livechats, booths, sponsorship opportunities and various event widgets.

Mobile App

Meetingbox gives you full control to create outstanding mobile event apps. There is a wide array of features to choose from to make your app standout.

Event Website

Set up your online registration individually and process payments online. Keep track of your tickets and manage your event with useful insights from your dashboard.



Meetingbox helps you manage your event shutdown and obligation fulfillment.

Collect data and feedback

Send out post-event surveys to your attendees, and use our built-in reporting suite to evaluate your event success.

Compile final report

Create a final event report to improve quality, performance, and practices for future event projects.

The Meetingbox Platform

Meetingbox combines all event management functions in one easy to use tool, enabling you to provide the ultimate event experience.

Project workflow
Project Workflow Management

Automate your project workflow from one place,
helping you to work smarter and more efficiently.